Ekonomisk ledare och Projekt ledare

He is our financial and project leader his name is Masoud Jafari
and he is,
Electricity & construction supervisor of the whole Tehran state in the construction division of the police (1992 - 1994), having designed and supervised the execution of over 20 construction projects for public usages such as public swimming pools, residential buildings and official and residential buildings.

Managing director of kav_Andish Co, (1995 - 1997) active in the field of business, construction, electricity & installation affairs of buildings, Thermal and Refrigeration installations such as powerhouses and chillers.

Workshop manager, designer and sales manager of Elcon Co, (1997-2006), Electrical Panel manufacturer, representative of ABB-Alston, Manufacturer of withdrawal high voltage panels, especial for heavy industries and oil refinery and crude oil pipelines.